Materials used To Make Gravestone.

One of the first things you see when you go to a graveyard is the gravestone. The word “gravestone” comes from two different words: grave, meaning tomb, and stone, meaning rock. A gravestone implies a stone that marks the place where a dead person lies underneath.

The material for a gravestone could be chosen by the family members of someone who has passed away. Or by the person before their death. The following article explains different materials used to make gravestones;

1. Granite

Granite is a popular material for a gravestone. It is heavy and dense. It stays in place well even if someone trips on top of it or brushes up against it. This type of stone is easily carved into the perfect shape to suit the deceased’s preferred during their lifetime. Granite can come in many different colors, from grey, black, white, and red, so there’s a wide variety to choose from.

2. Sandstone

Sandstones are another common choice for people who want a beautiful gravestone. They come from the sandstone rock and are also known as an arenite, a name derived from a Latin word meaning sand. Sandstones are generally red, brown, or yellow and have a high resistance to weathering, making them perfect for outdoor use.

3. Wood

Some people prefer using wood as their gravestone material because it’s low cost, easy to decorate, and is easily carved into whatever shape the family desires. It’s not ideal for those who want something that will last forever since water can seep into the wood, causing it to rot. But that might be what the deceased wanted.

4. Marble

Marble is a versatile material that can be used to make gravestones. Marble comes in various colors, including white, black, or pink, which makes it easy for people to decorate their gravestones with a material they love best.

Marble stones must first be shined using a substance called Tripoli, composed of aluminum oxide powder and water to carve a gravestone. (Gravstein Grossisten) Tripoli helps the stone-carver shape the marble into any form they desire, but it must be done quickly because this process will ruin the marble if left out in the sun for too long.

5. Bronze

Bronze is a metal alloy made of mostly copper and some tin. Their popularity comes from their shiny golden appearance, low price, durability, and easy capability, including being fixed if broken or damaged.

6. Aluminum

Aluminum is another valuable material for making gravestones because it’s very lightweight, so it won’t weigh down the other tombstones around it, causing them to sink into the earth. ( It can stand up well against weather damage which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

7. glass

Fiberglass can be decorated in many ways, including engraving or painting. ( It is easily carved into any shape that the family desires and can stand up well against outdoor elements, making it a good choice for gravestones.

Bottom Line

A gravestone can be made of many different materials. If someone has a tombstone made after they die, you should choose the color and type of material depending on what kind of shape will suit your loved one.